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Nitrous Oxide

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The use of nitric oxide in a variety of clinical conditions is a hot new topic. Hypertension, atherosclerosis, chronic inflammation and erectile dysfunction are all consequences of nitric oxide deficiency. 

There is so much confusion out there when it comes to what to eat. Should you do low fat, high fat, low carbs, no carbs? The truth is, nutrition is not a one size fits all science, what is good for you, may not be optimal for someone else. What we do know is healthy circulation is key to good health.  

N-O supports heart health by promoting healthy circulation Once you eat nitrate-rich foods, those dietary nitrates are converted by your body to nitric oxide. N-O is then used by every cell, organ, and system in your body, where it acts as a signaling molecule to keep things running smoothly. One of N-O’s most important jobs is that it tells your blood vessels to relax and widen. This may help support healthy blood pressure. Adequate N-O may also help support normal, healthy circulation and overall artery health. 

Beets in particular take up a high amount of nitrate from the soil. Your body loves them, according to a study published in the American Heart Association Journal. There are other ways to get dietary nitrates into your diet. Make it a habit to eat one large salad of leafy greens daily, for instance. Find other ways to enjoy beets a few times per week, such as beet salads or roasted beets.

Insurance Information

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