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Youth and Longevity

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Aging can be a scary thing. Today, we have access to supplements, hormone replacment and many other new medical phenomena that can aid in the aging process, making it a beautiful part of life. 

 I had the pleasure of attending a couple functional medicine seminars this last year. One of the amazing things I learned about was the aging body and the decline of our natural hormones. Hormone production via the ovaries begins to diminish in women, leading to a vast array of issues from memory loss to increasing cholesterol levels, even weight gain. For men, the testes also begin to release less and less testosterone during the aging process leading to the obvious decreased muscle mass, but also, the not so obvious mood swings, anger fits, and erectile dysfunction. 

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. However, with so much information out there it can get a little overwhelming. We hear about new products that increase longevity, that work for anti-aging, and the like all the time.To help you get the facts, one of our pharmacists, Dr. Martha Harkey PhD, offers a FREE consultation on an anual basis. The consultations cover a variety of topics from hormones and the effects on the aging body, to the latest in vitamin supplementation and anti-aging strategies. 

Check out this article written in the Garden Island Newspaper about our wonderful pharmacist:

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Insurance Information

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